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About our Medical Clinic

Whether you have an existing medical condition, need a one-off checkup, or just want friendly advice about your personal health, Twins Medical Clinic is here to serve your needs with a caring, sensitive & holistic approach.

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About Us

Personal & Bespoke Healthcare

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Private Medium Medical Clinic

Welcome to Twins Medium Clinic serving Bole Bulbula and surrounding areas in Addis Ababa. We aim to provide an exceptional healthcare experience using the latest evidence-based medicine, state of the art modern facilities and a patient-centred approach. We combine this with the core traditional values of general practice. Providing a caring and sensitive service and building long-term trusting relationships with patients and families, offering accessibility and continuity of care.

Bole Bulbula in Addis Ababa

At Twins Medium Clinic, we are immensely proud to be located in a new and modern, state of the art, medical practice, in Bole Bulbula in Addis Ababa. We’re able to perform blood tests and imaging in-house – thus giving you a holistic service in a single, convenient, location.

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Our Ways of Working

Both Dr Jerusalem Getahun Tessema and Dr Kalkidan Getahun Tessema are passionate about being medical doctors and proudly serve the local community. Physical, psychological and social well-being are intrinsically linked and at Twins Medium Clinic, we feel it’s vital to have a holistic approach to improve the health of our patients. Medical practice is most effective when there is continuity of care, establishing good rapport and trust. We believe in the importance of practicing in a caring and sensitive manner and fully involving patients in their management plan.